240 million Indians live without electricity

Imagine a world without electricity, not able to do the simple things like charging mobile phones or turning on lights to read. You would have to rely on dangerous kerosene lights and walk for miles to charge your mobile phone. This is the reality for many people in India.

We believe energy is an enabler - it has the potential to contribute to the improvement of education, health, and livelihoods. Energy access is a recognised barrier to the modern economy and many have attempted to tackle this problem but...

Current solutions fall short:

slow to scale

The national grid will take years to reach India's poorest communities


Off-grid solar systems require high upfront costs and regular payments

Our Vision

We want to provide safe, clean, reliable energy that is cheaper than kerosene through our off-grid solar ATMs, which will be located in areas where they are needed the most. Enabling our customers to conveniently access the modern economy, our solar ATMs will provide:


Trusted & Safe Service

We provide a service that our users can trust at a price they can afford




Our off-grid services allow our customers to charge mobile phones and, in the future, connect to the internet




Last Mile Distribution

Through our ATMs we envision connecting our customers to the wider economy, through services beyond mobile and light


Our lights provide clean, renewable light that is cheaper than kerosene


          Ronit Kanwar                                                           Gideon Laux                                                  James Dickson

              CEO                                                                           COO                                                  Head of Data and Impact

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