Empower Energy pitching at the United Nations HQ on September 15th as 1 of the 6 Hult Prize Global Finalists selected from over 100,000+ entrants.

Empower Energy is creating a network of micro-franchisees throughout the last-mile of India. Our micro-franchising model and trusted brand, allows us to serve the most pressing needs for underserved communities in India, starting with lighting and charging.

We equip a village entrepreneur, typically a shopkeeper, with a Solar Powered Charging Station (locally dubbed “Solar ATMs”) to serve their communities fundamental energy needs. Villagers can simply visit their local shopkeeper and rent out LED lamps or battery packs without any upfront costs, providing them with access to a local reliable energy source. In the future, they will have access to further energy-enabled devices and services which will continue to transform their lives.

Our vision is to empower 10 million individuals to join the modern economy by 2025 through our revolutionary last-mile distribution.

Living without electricity forces millions to rely on unhealthy, unreliable and informal energy sources such as kerosene for lighting.

We believe energy is an enabler - it contributes to the improvement of education, health, and livelihoods. Access to reliable energy sources, especially for lighting and charging, allows for individuals to be healthier, more productive and connect to the modern economy.

Energy access is a recognised barrier to the modern economy and many have attempted to tackle this problem but...

Current solutions fall short:


Existing solutions do not reach remote and rural communities due to lack of distribution channels.


Existing solutions are too costly for those living on $2 a day, due to high upfront costs and/or regular payments.


Existing solutions break frequently and lack a reliable post-sales services.

Our Solution

We empower a local entrepreneur to join the Empower Energy network.

This local shopkeeper, is equipped with a Solar Powered Charging Station (locally dubbed as a “Solar ATM”), to solve their communities fundamental energy needs.

Villagers can simply visit their local shopkeeper to have access to a reliable energy source without any upfront costs. They can rent LED lamps and battery packs in a completely flexible and convenient manner, empowering them to replace kerosene, save time and connect to the modern economy.

As the demands and desires of our customers grow, so do our product offerings. We are driven by demand and our data-driven processes allow us to scale rapidly throughout India.

Trusted & Safe Service

We provide a service that our users can trust at a price they can afford


Our off-grid services allow our customers to charge mobile phones and, in the future, connect to the internet

Last Mile Distribution

Through our ATMs we are connecting our customers to the wider economy, and provide energy enabled services and products to transform their lives.


Our lights provide clean, renewable light that is cheaper than kerosene

Ronit Kanwar


Gideon Laux


James Dickson

Chief Data and Impact Officer

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